Top Legal Advocacy Group Certifies Trump Declaration of Emergency

The American Center for Law and Justice certified the declaration of national emergency made by President Donald Trump with an unqualified endorsement, saying, "Congress has specifically granted the President express statutory authority to make this declaration." (Fox News photo)

ACLJ – The President has just declared a National Emergency on our southern border. He has stated that he will reapportion funds to combat this national emergency through the construction of a border wall.

In declaring the National Emergency, President Trump stated he was doing so to address a “national security crisis.” He highlighted the increased problem of drugs, gangs, violent crime, and human trafficking coming across the southern border.

The ACLJ has prepared an extensive legal analysis of this issue and concluded that, based on the facts at hand, the President has both the constitutional and statutory authority to declare such a National Emergency and to secure funding for a wall on our southern border.

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