82-year-old man attacked, knocked down for wearing Trump hat

27-year-old Aidan Courtright was arrested after he body-slammed an 82-year-old man onto the pavement for wearing a Trump hat.

Constant, obsessive media coverage of leftist protests against police, conservatives and President Trump appear to be emboldening unstable leftists, one of whom attacked an 82-year-old man in Fall River, Mass. and sent him to the hospital.

Aidan Courtright, 27, is facing charges after police say he violently attacked Charlie Chace, who was wearing a Trump hat and holding a sign about the president in Fall River on May 2, reports 7 News Boston.

Officers responded to a report that an elderly man had been assaulted over his political views and found Chace, who said he had been standing near the roadway holding a sign about President Trump when a motorist put his car in park, exited his vehicle and screamed at the victim to “Give me the (expletive) sign,” according to Fall River police.

The angry man, identified as Courtright, then allegedly tore the sign out of Chace’s hands, ripped it in half and threw it on the ground. He then grabbed the 82-year-old by his clothing, knocked his hat off and threw the elderly man to the ground, police said.

“The guy jumped at me,” Chace related. “He lifted me up and then body slammed me.”

Courtright also allegedly kicked Chace in the ribs and legs before getting back in his vehicle and driving off, police said.

Two people observed the attack and reportedly corroborated Chace’s description of the events.

Police say Chace had visible bruising on his lower back, and that he was transported to Charlton Memorial Hospital for an evaluation.


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