Activist wants ‘ethical veganism” to be declared a religion

Jordi Casamitjana, pictured, is bringing a case to have ethical veganism recognised as a protected belief under the Equality Act after saying he was sacked because of his veganism

A vegan who claims he lost his employment over his “ethical beliefs” will ask a court to rule that the lifestyle constitutes a religion, since he actively tries to make converts.

“Ethical vegan” Jordi Casamitjana only dates other vegans, doesn’t touch leather sofas and doesn’t allow guests carrying animal products into his home, according to the UK Mirror. He also does not ride buses lest they hit and kill insects.

The campaigner is launching a landmark case in an attempt to get ethical veganism added to a list of protected characteristics enshrined in equalities law, in an attempt to officially protect vegans from “discrimination.”

The Mirror has revealed that his legal representation plans to liken veganism to religious evangelism as one of its key arguments planned for the two-day employment tribunal pre-hearing on Jan. 2.

Mr. Casmitjana plans to argue that the vegan movement’s tendency to try to convert more people to the lifestyle means it should be legally recognized as a “philosophy and belief system.”

He will even produce receipts for vegan shoes and aftershave in court in his bid to argue that veganism is not just a diet but a belief system shared by a growing number of people in the UK.

The trained zoologist is originally from Catalonia, but has lived in the UK for 26 years, and has had a long career in animal protection.

He identifies as an “ethical vegan.” Dietary vegans and ethical vegans both eat a plant-based diet, but ethical vegans also try to avoid any animal exploitation, such as by shunning clothing made of wool or leather and not using products tested on animals.

Mr Casamitjana’s legal battle began last year after he was sacked from his job with the League Against Cruel Sports after disclosing to other employees that its pension funds invested in firms involved in animal testing.

He claims he was sacked as a result of his ethical vegan beliefs.


  1. Another very guilty vegan here in the States says that vegetables react to stimuli and even feel pain when harvested, just like a chicken would, so, out of food groups he’s in a real pickle now.


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