Actor Robert De Niro want to see Donald Trump hit in the face with excrement

Robert De Niro (left) spoke with Michael Moore (right) this week on the liberal film director's podcast. He said he'd like to see Trump hit in the face with a bag of ordure

Aging liberal movie actor and outspoken Trump-hater Robert De Niro is going full tenth-grade on the president, saying he would like to see his more-famous enemy get hit with a bag of excrement so the whole world could see the picture.

De Niro made his scatological remarks during an interview with aging liberal movie director Michael Moore on Moore’s podcast. It’s just the latest raging insult the actor has hurled at the president.

“I’d like to see a bag of s— right in his face. Hit him right in the face like that and let the picture go all over the world,” De Niro fantasized.

“And, that would be the most humiliating thing because he needs to be humiliated,” he added.

According to Mailonline, De Niro said that the Democrat who gets the presidential nomination to run against Trump in 2020 has to “confront him and put him in his place, because the people have to see that, to see him be humiliated.”

Days earlier, De Niro lashed out at Trump’s adult children during an appearance on The View.

De Niro’s appearance on the ABC show was primarily to promote his new Netflix movie The Irishman, but before the panel could even mention the new flick, the actor was already flinging insults at Trump’s family.

During a scathing tirade, De Niro claimed the Trump family has acted in far worse ways than any of the mob families depicted in his most famous films, opining that if his children behaved the way Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka have, he would have “disowned them” by now.

‘I don’t want my kids to take this the wrong way, but if my kids did what these kids did, I wouldn’t want to be related to them,’ father-of-six De Niro blasted, drawing audible gasps from the audience.

‘I would disown them. I’d have a serious talk with them,’ he continued.

He later joked that it would be an ‘impossibility’ because his ‘kids are not like that at all, of course’, but later seemed to imply the he disagrees with his children over how ‘strongly’ he feels about the president.


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