After a week of #PanicSignaling, no violent mob shows up to attack Capitol Hill

The Capitol is being guarded by almost 5,000 troops with DC on heightened alert

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on March 4 downplayed heightened security at the U.S. Capitol during the week and claimed that the House didn’t cancel votes out of a fear of violence, according to a report at

Pelosi called a supposed threat acted upon by the Capitol Police “silliness.”

Despite her contempt, though, the once open and accessible U.S. Capitol building, now controlled by the Democratic party after a suspect and corruption-plagued 2020 election, remains surrounded by barricades and razor. Rumors of trouble around March 4 caused security to be heightened still more.

Democrats are trying hard to create the panic signaling impression that their political opponents are dangerous terrorists.

Votes were indeed cancelled, and Pelosi said it was because Republicans were holding their annual issues conference – at which the GOP gathers to talk about their agenda for the new Congress. Democrats held their own virtual version of this earlier in the week.

“I don’t think anybody should take any encouragement that because some troublemakers might show up that we changed our whole schedule. No we just moved it a few hours and largely to accommodate the Republicans going to their own session,” the speaker said at her weekly press conference, through a thick protective mask that mostly hid her face.

U.S. Capitol Police revealed on March 3 that they received intelligence reports that indicated “a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group” on the fourth.

No plot or breach unfolded, nor even a sign of one.

Still, anti-climbing fencing topped with razor wire surrounds the Capitol Hill complex. Lawmakers, staff and media must pass through checkpoints manned by armed National Guard troops. Guardsmen also are on patrol inside the building.


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