Andrew Yang kicks off NYC mayoral race by promising free money

Andrew Yang AFP via Getty Images

Announcing a bid for mayor of beleaguered New York City, staggering under the onslaught of COVID-19 and liberal Mayor Bill deBlasio, former 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has a simple pitch:

Vote for me; I’ll give you money!

Yang launched his campaign on Jan. 13 with this bald-faced pitch for a universal basic income as a centerpiece, reports FOX News.

“I’m running for mayor for a very simple reason — I see a crisis and believe I can help,” he said, citing COVID as well as skyrocketing unemployment in the Big Apple, which cash handouts will no doubt magically solve.

Why has no one else thought of this?

“We need bold ideas and fresh ideas to revive our city,” he continued. “We need to look forward and adapt to economic challenges of today and the future. We also need a city government focused on competence and delivering for our people every day.”

He called on the city to reject political blame games, especially since he is a leftist just like the man he wants to replace. “When in reality, the people have been losing and it is tearing our city apart,” he said.

In fact Yang is just one in a field of left-wing Democratic hopefuls. He described his platform as “a positive vision for New York City and a rational, progressive plan to implement it and make it a reality.” He is widely seen as having strong chances and big-media interest has risen since he filed paperwork last month.


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