Antifa watchdog shares video of man licking toiletries in supermarket

The revolting clip shows a man (pictured above) licking bottles on a shelf in grocery store. It is believed to have been filmed in Missouri

A Twitter post by a twisted young man in Missouri illustrates how permissiveness is what has allowed Western culture to sink so low.

Shared by Antifa Public Watch APW, the posted video shows the man licking toiletry products in a grocery store to mock the worldwide disease outbreak. The man, identified as Cody Pfister, can also be heard saying “who’s scared of coronavirus?” in the short clip.

He can be seen running his tongue along products on the shelf while looking at the camera and smiling.

It just goes to show that when people are permitted to do anything, including dressing up in drag to read to children in public libraries, trying to change boys into girls or showering obscenities on a National Day of Prayer, they will find a way to do something even worse.

Pfister’s recorded act had people on Twitter demanding his immediate arrest. One user asked Antifa Public Watch APW, “Even if we could identify this idiot, would anyone have the stones to actually punish him? He and others do what they do because the 21st century doesn’t present him with serious consequences for his actions.”

Another commenter asked: “How is this not bio terrorism?”

There was a time when the supermarket licker would quickly find himself with broken bones, chained up in a public square or worse.

UK TV personality Piers Morgan demanded a jail term for the “moron,” saying it might help “concentrate his mind.” The Good Morning Britain host has also said that the man should not be provided with healthcare if he contracts coronavirus.

This incident comes just a few weeks after a man was arrested in Belgium after he seemed to lick or suck his fingers before wiping them on a train’s handrail amid the ongoing outbreak. According to reports, the man was on a subway train when he was captured on camera while lowering his face mask, putting two fingers into his mouth and then wiping them on the pole up and down. “The man (intoxicated) was arrested by the police and our security service. The subway train was removed from service for cleaning.


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