Ariz. lawmaker offers 3 bills to fend off transgender takeover

Arizona Rep. John Fillmore

A Republican state lawmaker in Arizona is trying to stem the tide of chaos unleashed by the current national media and political obsession with transgenderism: individuals trying to compel the rest of society to agree that people can “become” the gender they want to be.

Rep. John Fillmore, the vice-chairman of the Education Committee in the Arizona House of Representatives, has introduced three bills that attempt to limit the confusion caused by transgender activism in his state, according to the Arizona Mirror.

One of the bills, HB 2082, forbids public schools to require teachers or any school employee to use a pronoun in reference to a student “other than the sex or gender pronoun that corresponds to the sex listed on that student’s birth certificate.”

Madelaine Adelman, co-founder of a chapter of an organization that advocates for the rights of LGBTQ youth in schools, complained that using scientifically correct pronouns when referring to transgender individuals can cause them mental harm.

Another bill, HB 2081, refers to the language used on birth certificates in the state.

If passed into law, it will require “information that indicates the individual’s sex as either male or female” to be included on all birth certificates. Current Arizona law doesn’t require birth certificates to state if a child is male or female at birth.

Bill HB 2080, which also refers to forms of identification, states that “a document issued by any agency, board, commission or department of the state may only indicate an individual’s sex as either male or female.”

According to Adelman, if passed into law, the bills could set a dangerous precedent. “Once you do that, you then influence and determine all related policies and practices,” she said.


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