Attorney who targeted Trump’s son is a self-described ‘snarky bisexual’ and foe of white, straight males

The Stanford professor, a longtime LGBTQ rights advocate, stood up to a Republican congressman.

Pamela Karlan, the Stanford Law School professor who sniped at President Trump’s son Barron at this week’s Democratic impeachment show, has described herself as a “snarky bisexual.”

She also seems to view herself as some sort of champion, fighting “the rich, pampered, prodigal, sanctimonious, incurious white straight sons of the powerful.”

So Barron seems to have had it coming.

At the American Constitution Society’s national convention in 2006, delivering the convention’s closing remarks, the director of Stanford Law’s Supreme Court Litigation Clinic suggested that liberal-leaning people have more reason to be patriotic than conservatives.

“We have to seize back the high ground on patriotism and on love of our country, because we have more reason than they do to love America,” she said, according to a transcript on the society’s website. “The rich, pampered, prodigal, sanctimonious, incurious white straight sons of the powerful do pretty well everywhere in the world, and they always have.

“But what about us? Snarky bisexual Jewish women who want the freedom to say what we think, read what we want, and love who we do. I don’t want to keep other people from having the great opportunities I’ve had here in the United States. I want other people to share them.” Karlan is a partner of writer Viola Canales.

In 2009, when Karlan was mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee, she told Politico, “It’s no secret at all that I’m counted among the LGBT crowd.” Some LGBTQ groups had hoped that President Barack Obama would nominate a member of the community to the high court to replace the retiring David Souter, but that did not happen, and Karlan downplayed the idea that she could be a nominee. “Given the landscape, I’m flattered but not fooled by having my name tossed around,” she said. Sonia Sotomayor succeeded Souter on the court.


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