Aussie protesters storm drag queen story hour, shout ‘Drag queens are not for kids!’

Protesters stormed a drag queen story-time event for children at a library in Brisbane's CBD

Video taken at Brisbane Square Library in Australia on Sunday afternoon shows young protesters from a university interrupting the library’s Drag Storytime event and shouting “drag queens are not for kids.”

The University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club said they turned out to protest the event to fight against children “being indoctrinated with radical gender theories.”

Youngsters being exposed to cross-dressing men, particularly in public libraries, has become a trend in recent years, as leftists try to stamp out the scientific fact of distinct human genders.

A Queensland Police spokesman told The Daily Mail that officers were called to the library after reports that between 15 and 20 protesters were interrupting a community event.

Video of the episode showed protesters repeatedly chanting “drag queens are not for kids” before a voice behind the camera seems to criticize a security guard.

“You guys should have dealt with this downstairs,” the voice complains.

Organizers Rainbow Families Queensland (RFQ) – who set up the event with the help of Brisbane City Council – said the group departed before police arrived.

“They entered the event chanting and scared the children. Some parents got them outside the room where they continued to chant loudly,” a spokesperson for the organization said.

UQ Liberal National Club said they waited until the story-reading event had finished to begin their demonstration, and claimed neither children or staff were upset as a result of the protest.


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