Big bank pulls funding from schools that ‘discriminate’ against LGBT students

Program with anti-gay schools loses Wells Fargo support/ MGN

Another major corporation is throwing its money, high profile and well-known name behind homosexual activism, part of a trend in which big brands court media approval while morally slapping many of their customers in the face.

Wells Fargo has ended support for Florida’s private school voucher program after hearing that some schools in the program do not promote the LGBTQ lifestyle, according to the Houston Chronicle. Another bank says it will also stop donating millions of dollars to the program.

Despite saying in a statement that it supports inclusion, Wells Fargo said it will no longer include Step Up for Students in its list of supported causes. In a tweet on Tuesday, Fifth Third Bank said it has told the state voucher program it will stop participating as well.

“We have communicated with program officials that we will not be contributing again until more inclusive policies have been adopted by all participating schools to protect the sexual orientation of all our students,” the Ohio-based bank tweeted to state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith.

The decision comes after an Orlando Sentinel investigation found that private Christian schools with anti-gay views educated more than 20,800 students with tuition paid for by state scholarships.

Of those, the report said, 83 refused to admit LGBTQ students or would expel them if their sexual orientation or gender identity were discovered.

The investigation also found that many companies with pro-LGBTQ policies had donated to the program in exchange for write-offs on their state tax bills.


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