Billionaire George Soros donates $1m to hate group that works to defund conservatives


Totalitarianism advances these days by wearing deceptive cloaks. Its current favorite garment: “Racial justice.”

The total myth that the United States is a racist nation is being used in efforts to dismantle law enforcement, elections, free speech, the rule of law, free markets and true, genuine equality.

Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros just helped fund the myth with a gigantic donation to a “racial justice” organization that tries to financially sabotage conservative groups, has reported.

Soros gave $1 million to the Color Of Change PAC on May 14, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Saying its mission is “divesting from and dismantling the systems that unjustly harm Black people,” (is there a just way to do that?), Color of Change targets and pressures credit card companies to shun conservative groups. This part of their activities does not appear on their official website.

Martin Mawyer, president of Christian Action Network, explained: “One of the goals of Color of Change is to bring conservative groups into financial ruin. They are highly effective at lobbying major credit card companies and other online payment systems to deny services to conservative and pro-family groups. Christian Action Network has repeatedly been a victim of their guerrilla tactics. It is very disappointing to learn that Color of Change will now have an additional one million dollars to fund their vitriolic hatred against patriotic, traditional values groups.

“Color of Change is a highly unethical group that uses false and spurious narratives to mislead financial industries, including banks, into denying services to any group that stands for God, country, and freedom, which they call White Supremacist groups.”

Color of Change has described Christian Action Network as a “group provokes public fear, paranoia, hatred, and anger against Muslims while simultaneously encouraging vigilantism and violence against them.”

“When these lies were posted on their website, we threatened to bring a defamation lawsuit against them. They immediately removed that language and description. But we’re fairly certain that did not stop them from presenting similar, if not these same outlandish lies, to credit card companies and online payment systems, which resulted in our being denied the services of Quickbooks, Global Payment Systems and even Discover Card.”

A few weeks ago a national bank that Christian Action Network has done business with for over 30 years closed its account for unexplained reasons, Mawyer revealed.

“Color of Change is an extremely intimidating group, and now an extraordinary well-financed group, thanks to George Soros,” he said. “This is a great victory for them and will surely present additional problems and headaches for the financial viability of conservative groups in the coming days and months.”


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