Black Lives Matter defaces church’s ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ sign

Pastor Berwin Hall of Bronston, Kentucky's First Baptist Church says the sign was found vandalized Monday morning. (Photo: Facebook)

A Kentucky church learned firsthand earlier this month about leftist political debate, which happens through paint cans, anonymous sneakiness, property destruction and vandalism.

A sign that that church had posted outside reading “Unborn Lives Matter” was sprayed with the word “black” replacing “unborn” in black paint, with the original word stricken out.

The vandal also left the message: “fixd ur sign,” and when the church pastor answered the deed on Facebook, his post was subsequently removed.

Pastor Berwin Hall of First Baptist Church in Bronston, Ky. said the sign was found vandalized Labor Day morning.

The pastor told WKYT Kentucky that not agreeing with his church’s stance on abortion does not give anyone the right to vandalize the sign or other people’s property.

“I have prayed for that ‘brave’ individual,” Pastor Hall said of the vandal. “I am going to pray they gather understanding that if their statement that they ‘fixd’ the sign were a true belief, then the next place they will be is at the numerous abortion clinics that are operating freely and murdering black babies more than any other group in our country.”

Pastor Hall went on to give statistics, including 2011 CDC numbers, proving that 36 percent of abortions are performed on black women.

“474 abortions per 1000 live births of black babies (highest ratio compared to all other groups) … Since Roe vs. Wade til 2011, 19 million black babies have been aborted,” Hall said in a Facebook post that, interestingly has since been removed from Facebook.


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