Black Lives Matter rioters throw frozen bottles, torch dumpsters, launch fireworks

dumpster burns outside Portland's Multnomah County Justice Center

What’s the most appropriate way to mark the death of George Floyd one year ago? In Portland, Ore., Black Lives Matter protesters recently attacked police officers, smashed windows and set fires, according to

It was the exact same thing that DIDN’T happen at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 – a protest by patriots that many lawmakers have called an “insurrection” and an atrocity to rival the 9/11 attacks.

In Portland, rioters threw projectiles at officers, set off fireworks and set dumpsters on fire. The city was ravaged by weeks of protests last summer.

About 200 rioters, many dressed in black a la Antifa, came to Portland’s Multnomah County Justice Center as fires were set, and chanted, “Burn it down.” Many threw eggs and dangerous frozen water bottles at police, who wore heavy riot gear. The mob then marched on City Hall, where they smashed windows.

Five people were reportedly arrested and jailed on charges including criminal mischief, riot and arson.

Local businesses were of course targeted — a fixture of Black Lives Matter protests. Protesters smashed the windows of a Starbucks, a jeweler, a credit union and a restaurant. They also destroyed fences and threw spikes in the street to puncture the tires of responding emergency vehicles, including fire trucks.

The riot did not appear spontaneous: Many in the mob were wearing helmets and gas masks, suggesting they were ready for violence.

“People within the crowd were overheard saying the night was a success,” the police said.

What Dark Goals Hide Behind BLM’s Shouted Slogan?

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