British police spend 30k on gender-neutral caps to attract transgenders, then dump them

Northamptonshire Police introduced the US-style 'bump hats' in May 2017 to attract more transgender officers

Under the preposterous logic that new police headgear would make life easier for transgender police officers, a police force in the UK spent about $30,000 on new headgear … which it is now scrapping after public outcry.

Northamptonshire Police introduced the U.S.-style “bump hats,” which resemble baseball or trucker’s caps, in May 2017 to attract more transgender officers. They claimed that “gender-based headgear” was acting as “a barrier to the non-binary transgender community.”

The percentage of the U.S. population that is transgender is about .6. The UK incidence appears to be about 1 percent. 

The new hats were largely scrapped in November last year after critics said they made officers “look like Jimmy Krankie” and replaced with the traditional helmets that have been a symbol of British policing for more than 150 years: Prussian-inspired helmets for men and bowler hats for women.

Announcing on Twitter that the controversial caps would be phased out, Chief Constable Nick Adderley accepted they ‘did not portray the right image’ and that ‘the public supports this view’.

The failed experiment cost £23,417 over two years, according to a Freedom of Information request by MailOnline.

The caps were introduced after research suggested the new headwear would eradicate the issue of transgender officers having to decide between

Gloucester Police introduced bump caps this year, following other forces including Cheshire and Lancashire. Thames Valley scrapped plans to roll out the caps after receiving complaints from the public and officers alike.


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