California bill will eliminate ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ sections in major department stores

A bill in California was introduced that will require big department store to make kids sections into one "gender neutral" section

Under the guise of “letting kids be kids,” California might prohibit separate-sex toy sections in retail stores for some very adult reasons, USA Today reports.

Such as: Young boys might prefer to be sexual females, and vice-versa.

State legislators are debating a new bill that would prohibit department stores — private businesses which already know how to sell things — with more than 500 workers from separating children’s products by gender.

The restriction would ban separate areas and signs, and online retailers with a physical location in the state would have to use gender-neutral terms for children’s items on their websites, with the exception of clothing at least for the present, the bill’s co-author Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia told USA Today.

The bill will go into effect at the start of 2024, and violators would be fined $1,000.

The proposal is one of many catering to LGBTQ activists who are interested in reaching children at an early age. Last month, Hasbro made its Mr. Potato Head “gender-neutral.”

To Garcia, the legislation is about “not limiting ourselves and our kids into certain boxes” like being female and male.

“We need to let kids be kids,” said Assemblyman Evan Low, another Democrat, who leads the California Legislative LGBT Caucus. “Her bill will help children express themselves freely and without bias.”

“Clothing and toys sections of department stores that are separated along gender lines pigeonhole children,” he added, ignoring any customer’s ability to shop elsewhere. “No child should feel stigmatized for wearing a dinosaur shirt or playing with a Barbie doll.”


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