California says health coverage must include removing breasts from underaged girls

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara – Photo: Facebook.

Cosmetic surgical alteration of children’s bodies – children having an undeveloped ability to make permanent decisions – might seem like some kind of ultimate evil. Yet in the state of California the Department of Insurance has decided that, under existing law, health insurers may not deny coverage for young girls who want to have their breasts removed.

That’s right: Under the sway of transgender activism and fashion, if a girl decides to mutilate herself then her health insurer must play along.

This is something more than getting a tattoo, deciding you don’t like it and then having it covered up.

According to Metroweekly, California law already strives to reduce barriers to “gender-affirming care.” But transgender Californians, parents, and advocates have complained that some insurance companies still use criteria that give patients too long to think about their decision.

California’s insurance commissioner has actually issued a directive to reclassify double mastectomies of healthy breasts from “cosmetic” procedures to “reconstructive,” necessary to “correct or repair the abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects,” in order to get young girls under the knife faster in their futile quest to become boys.

In short, the change in language grants doctors the green light to remove the normal, developing breasts of an 11-year old girl.

In an age shaped by strident feminism, womanhood seems paradoxically headed for destruction. Leftist politicians across the nation have allowed biological boys into athletic competition with biological girls, removing Title IX protections for women’s sports. “Mother” and “sister” are now useless concepts under new House rules.

Now a young girl, convinced that she has been cheated by being born in a female body, will be better able to disfigure herself into something that is not male, but only reflects her hatred and rejection of her own female-ness.


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