Canada’s Socialized Medical Care System Mulls Doctor-Assisted Suicide of Children

Doctors are moving toward practitioner-assisted suicide of children without parental consent according to a recent medical journal report. (Reuters photo)

Christian Post – Doctors from a Toronto children’s hospital recently published policies on physician-assisted suicide for children, revealing that in some cases, parents won’t be notified until after the child has died.

“Usually, the family is intimately involved in this (end-of-life) decision-making process. If, however, a capable patient explicitly indicates that they do not want their family members involved in their decision-making, although health care providers may encourage the patient to reconsider and involve their family, ultimately the wishes of capable patients with respect to confidentiality must be respected,” said pediatric doctors at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, administrators and ethicists in a Sept. 21 paper published in the British Medical Journal’s J Medical Ethics.

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