Chicago attorney general has ‘vision’ to let drug dealers, users off the hook

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, pictured here in 2019, has announced a bold new 'vision' for the city's drug laws, including expunging convictions for possession of larger amounts of cannabis

Kim Foxx, attorney general for Cook County in Illinois, has “a vision” for unilaterally legalizing drugs in her city.

That is to stop cracking down on drug dealers, that marginalized, oppressed population that makes billions of dollars off of people’s addictions, money and misery.

Foxx, who has the common liberal trait of mistaking sheer idiocy for innovation, said she wants to wipe clean the records of people busted for selling pot in larger amounts, as well as potentially the arrest records for harder drugs like heroin and cocaine.

In some areas of Chicago, said the 48-year-old, drug dealing “was the only economy that they had.”

Her office has already thrown out 2,200 cannabis convictions for possession of 30 grams or less, the amount that’s now legal to carry since the drug was legalized in the state in January. Now Foxx has told The Chicago Sun-Times that she wants to expand that to those convicted of carrying larger amounts of cannabis.

“If we recognize substance abuse disorder as a health condition, then we must modify our justice system to treat it as such,” Foxx said.

No word on what might happen if Foxx deems sex crimes, drunk driving or compulsive armed robbery as “health conditions.”

“Criminalizing health is not in the interest of public safety,” she proclaimed, a statement which in effect equates mind-altering drugs with … health.


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