Chicago gangs form pact to shoot cops ‘on sight’

federal intelligence alert from the FBI field

For anyone who wonders what big-liberal-city life will be like after police departments are defunded, and who will be maintaining order, Chicago gangs are reportedly organized enough to have made a pact to shoot any police officer seen with his gun drawn.

A federal intelligence alert from the Chicago FBI field office gave the warning that more than two dozen gangs in the city have agreed to shoot police officers if they draw their weapons in public, ABC 7 reported on Aug. 31.

Intelligence alerts are often shared with law enforcement officials, particularly when the alerts involve threats to officers’ safety. This alert was based on “a contact whose reporting is limited and whose reliability cannot be determined,” meaning a street source, witness, or information gathered via surveillance.

“Members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, police officers in performance of their official duties,” the alert reads. “The purpose of which is to catch on film an officer drawing his/her weapon on any subject and the subsequent ‘shoot on-sight’ of said officer, in order to garner national media attention.”

The media are, of course, eagerly waiting for another police-shooting story to stoke riots in major cities.

In early August a coordinated spate of looting and vandalism hit Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, a stretch of posh businesses in the city’s downtown. The looting occurred after police shot and arrested a suspect in the Englewood neighborhood. The looting was reportedly sparked by a social-media rumor that police had shot and killed a child, when in fact they had wounded a 20-year-old man.


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