Children as young as 5 now forced to have ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ lessons in N.J.

Maskot/Getty Images

New Jersey is now officially abridging the right to have one’s own perfectly legal opinions, redefining education and laying the groundwork to restrict free speech, forcing schools to start offering “age-appropriate” lessons about diversity and inclusion as early as kindergarten.

A new law signed March 1 by Gov. Phil Murphy, which several Republican lawmakers vocally opposed, requires schools to promote “economic diversity, equity, inclusion, tolerance, and belonging in connection with gender and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, disabilities, and religious tolerance,” reports

One would have thought that education was already intended to do these things, simply by making people more intelligent, but as usual it comes down to reshaping “white people”: Schools must also “examine the impact that unconscious bias and economic disparities have at both an individual level and on society as a whole.”

The law takes effect next school year.

The sponsors are all Democrats: Carol Murphy, D-Burlington; Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, D-Mercer, Hunterdon; and Anthony Verrelli, D-Mercer, Hunterdon.

The proposal faced opposition among Republicans in the Legislature, who say that the requirements leave parents out of the loop and expose children to sensitive topics better covered at home.

“If we as parents want to explain different identities or sexual preferences, then that’s our prerogative and our choice,” said Assemblyman Brian Bergen, R-Morris. “This is not a decision for the school system, and this is not a decision for the Legislature.”

Supporters argued that it’s up to teachers to teach children to accept, tolerate and appreciate differences among human beings.



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