Churches targeted: Vandal poisons one of Fla. church’s hives of honeybees

Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers bees killed by a vandal

In a particularly dismaying attack on a Florida church congregation – one of a growing number of violent, sick attacks being leveled at churches as the 2020 presidential election nears –  someone poisoned one of the church’s hives of bees and killed the colony.

According to WINK News, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers used the beehive to make honey for hungry families in the community, explained Pastor Jeffrey Deyoe. The bees were the newest addition to the church and have been busy helping feed hungry farm workers.

“It’s been really exciting for the congregation to know that we now have bees that are producing honey that we bring out to the farmworkers in Immokalee,” Deyoe said.

“For several days, it was going fine and everything was great,” said church photographer Kent Sheets. “And then all of a sudden there was no activity” at one of the hives.

Church members found a plastic bottle cap on the entry sill of the hive, where an estimated 30,000 bees died.

“I am pretty sure that someone mixed the sugar syrup with some poison because if the bees die because of something wrong in the honeycomb, not all of the 30,000 in one step,” said Uwe Rusch, a professional beekeeper who cares for the hives for the church.

“Who can do that?” Rusch asked in disbelief. “They are innocent animals. Bees love human beings.”

“We have some really disappointed people,” said Deyoe. “We are going to put some cameras out here. We are going to put a fence around the beehive, so people can’t get to it.”

Deyoe said the church will continue to send honey to feed families in Immokalee, but it will be less with the thousands of bees killed off.


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