City of Seattle schools white staff on how to undo their ‘whiteness’

Titled ‘Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness’, the training session was reportedly held by the Office of Civil Rights (above) on June 12

Seattle city officials held a segregated, anti-white training session for white staffers in June in which workers were instructed on how to take the blame for racism and symbolically renounce their own race, according to a MailOnline report.

The session was titled “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” and was reportedly held by the Office of Civil Rights on June 12, the day of protests in the “CHOP” zone in the Capitol Hill district.

An editor for City Journal discovered evidence of the highly racist session after filing a Freedom of Information request last week, which was approved July 6.

A document handed out in the anti-white, two-and-a-half hour session reportedly preached that “racism is not our fault but we are responsible.” Another said white staffers must give up “the land” and their “guaranteed physical safety” in order to be an “accomplice” for racial justice.

In an e-mail “inviting” employees to the event, the office asked “city employees who identify as white to join this training to learn, reflect, challenge ourselves, and build skills and relationships that help us show up more fully as allies and accomplices for racial justice.”

“We’ll examine our complicity in the system of white supremacy – how we internalize and reinforce it – and begin to cultivate practices that enable us to interrupt racism in ways to be accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) folks within our community,” the e-mail gushed.

The name of the email’s author was redacted, the City Journal editor said, as the City of Seattle “refused to provide the names of the diversity trainers, the budget for the program, or the video of the session’.


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