Conservative filmmaker arrested for filming Capitol Hill uprising

Conservative documentarian and influencer Jesus Rivera is being charged for doing journalism at the Capitol on January 6 — while Black Lives Matter activists and leftist New Yorker reporters who were doing the same thing are not

Jesus Rivera, a conservative journalist of Hispanic descent with a prominent Facebook presence, is being harassed and charged after reporting from the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Black Lives Matter activists and New Yorker reporters who did the same thing are not facing any law enforcement scrutiny.

The father of four, husband and Marine Corps veteran has had all his equipment confiscated, making it impossible to keep working as a cameraman and cinematographer, according to a report at Gateway Pundit.

“I’m a cinematographer and I was actually just there documenting what was happening in DC that day. This included going into the Capitol, which is why I am being treated as some type of ‘domestic terrorist,’” Rivera explained.

“I did less documenting than Luke Mogelson from the New Yorker — he followed in the guy with the horns, he went into the senate chambers, he posted documents from inside the senate chamber. He has got nothing but praised for what he did. I did the same thing he did, but I went in after most of it had already gone down.”

Rivera’s footage includes people going through an open door on the side of the U.S. Capitol, unobstructed, police officers inside directing traffic as people strolled through the building, and other scenes from inside.

He says he was not protesting but simply documenting, the same as Mogelson, the only difference being his reputation as a conservative military veteran.

The FBI came to Rivera’s door on Jan. 20, just after his wife had left with their children to take them to school. Rivera said he was arrested, taken to the FBI office and questioned.

“They were trying to make it seem like I was part of, what they called, the ‘insurrection,’” Rivera said. “I explained to them that I was just there documenting. That’s what I do, it is what I have been doing for years.”

Rivera has amassed quite a large following on social media for his unique work. Some of it is still available on the We the People 1776 Facebook account.


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