Deal with it! Oregon school board says ban on BLM and LGBT flags will remain


An Oregon school board that took a stand against leftist activism and banned both gay “pride” and Black Lives Matter symbols from its facilities is not backing down, even after screams of protest from some liberal parents and other activists, reports KOIN News in Portland.

During a Sept. 1 meeting, the Newberg-Dundee School Board actually doubled down on its ban of BLM and Pride symbols on school grounds, hiring legal counsel to help in its goal of banning the divisive symbols which inflame differences between students, appear to set up privileged classes of children and distract from learning.

The original ban, passed by the Newberg school board in a 4-3 vote on Aug. 10, sparked a firestorm of controversy. Those supporting it said BLM and Pride flags, signs, stickers and apparel are political activism with no place in public schools.

“Sometimes you hear something that just strikes you as fundamentally true,” Vice-Chair Brian Shannon said at the Aug. 10 meeting. “And you know, when I was listening to the people talking tonight, the thing that struck me — just gripped me when I heard it — was: People make people feel safe. Signs will never make people feel safe. People are the ones that make people feel safe. And the great people who work in our schools are going to be the same people once we take out these politically divisive signs from our schools.”

The Newberg City Council was among those displeased by the action. The body voted 6-1 a week later in support of Mayor Rick Roger’s admonishment of the Newberg school board for the ban. The ACLU also got involved, demanding in a letter sent to the board on Aug. 30 that the ban be lifted because it violates the U.S. and state constitutions.

But when the school board met virtually on Sept. 1 there still were not enough votes to end the ban. The board voted instead to review the policy language.

One liberal parent chose to illustrate the board’s point about divisiveness exactly, putting up Pride and BLM billboards measuring 8 by 16 feet on her farm, which were visible from the high school football stadium, just to tell the world of her outrage.



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