Facebook helping law enforcement identify MAGA protesters as if they were criminals

Facebook has revealed it helped law enforcement identify MAGA mob rioters by 'monitoring the assault in real-time' and identifying people who posted photos and videos at the Capitol

To no one’s surprise, Facebook has revealed that it has joined the big-government, big-tech push to intimidate anyone who dared protest voter fraud and a blatantly stolen election on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

Any and all users of Facebook should therefore be aware that anything they post or say on the platform can be used as evidence against them, no matter what they believe and where they go, if the company and government need to create such evidence.

According to a story at DailyMail.com, the company worked to identify Trump supporters by “monitoring the assault in real-time” and identifying people who posted pictures and video at the Capitol even after the demonstration was over.

The Jan. 6 incident led to several deaths, the only direct killing being the fatal shooting of an unarmed female trump supporter in a Capitol hallway by a gunman said to be a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

Facebook sought to distance itself from the demonstration in the days following the attack with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg claiming the violence was “largely” not organized on the platform.

The amount of information Facebook has so given to authorities in the five weeks following the demonstration is not yet clear but the company claims it is in line with “valid legal requests.”

Last week, Bank of America customers vowed to boycott the bank after learning it snooped through hundreds of innocent people’s accounts at the request of the government to identify perpetrators of the attack, with details of anyone who made a transaction in D.C. that day being handed over to authorities.



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