Fla. teacher who displayed BLM flag outside her classroom loses teaching job

Amy Donofrio / Facebook

A Florida teacher who chose to preach leftist “anti-racism” to her students, hanging a Black Lives Matter flag over her classroom door, has said an agreement to end her employment “devastates” her, according to The Florida Times Union. 

 Amy Donofrio will not be returning to school after bringing her political beliefs into her job and sparking a controversy. 

Black Lives Matter was founded by an admitted Marxist and has been cited as a justification for looting, rioting, violence, animus against law enforcement, destruction of public monuments and even the dismantling of the United States’ system of representative democracy. 

The Duval County, Fla. School Board voted on Aug. 3 to settle with Donofrio and her legal representation, which included the extremely wealthy liberal nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). 

The school board’s legal representative, attorney Stephen Busey, said the lawsuit wouldn’t be in court for another two years and would likely end up costing millions. 

The settlement’s details remain under wraps, but Donofrio appeared on the system’s website as a teacher whose contract was not removed and the SPLC confirmed it in a press release. The lawsuit initially aimed to reinstate Donofrio as a teacher, after she was assigned to paid, non-teaching duties 

“Teaching is not just my career, it’s my life, my heart. Being unable to return to my classroom this fall devastates me beyond what I can fully articulate,” said Donofrio, who has been in education for 13 years, in a statement. 

Her lawsuit sought her reinstatement as a teacher and a ban on school policies that prevent educators from “advocating for anti-racist curricula and policies” even while they’re being paid to educated other people’s children. 


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