Foregone conclusion? NC city won’t respond to some crimes due to shrinking police force

Police will no longer respond to some crimes as officers quit.

The lucky citizens of Asheville, N.C. will soon find out what defunding the police really looks and feels like. Their police department will not be intervening in some crimes as it copes with a staffing crisis.

That staffing problem comes as media and politicians fill the airwaves with anti-police sentiment and threaten to pull funding from departments in cities large and small that are run by leftists and Democrats.

Asheville police officials said they’ve lost 84 officers since Jan. 1, 2020.

In Asheville some crimes will not be responded to at all, so that police are able to respond to others, according to

For example, police there will no longer respond to 10 kinds of calls, ranging from theft and property damage to simple assaults reported after the fact.

Asheville Police Chief David Zack gave the bad news to the Asheville City Council’s Public Safety Committee on June 1, saying: “There will be things that we simply cannot get to. … We’re talking it’s taking us almost three minutes longer to get to those very serious calls.”

People in downtown Asheville on June 2 had mixed reactions, some bringing up treatment of Asheville police last summer during the protests. “What does the city of Asheville expect when you’ve created an environment that is not conducive to human resources,” David Rhode said. “Would you want to be in a job that didn’t appreciate you?”

Of course, others say it’s a good thing. “That would be a great thing to me, personally. I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the past few years, and, if that happened, boy I’d be a pretty happy camper. That’s all I’m saying,” said Vallie, interviewed by WLOS.



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