Former NFL player says league is promoting an ‘effeminate agenda’

Larry Johnson – Photo: gamerscoreblog

MetroWeekly. Former NFL running back Larry Johnson claims there is an “effeminate agenda” being carried out in the National Football League and National Basketball Association in an attempt to trick average sports fans into letting down their guard and condoning behavior that strays from traditionally masculine behavior and gender roles.

Hours after NFL free-agent defensive end Ryan Russell came out as bisexual in an essay for ESPN, Johnson — who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins — took to Twitter to declare that high-ranking Masons/handlers were trying to “indoctrinate” the heterosexual sports world into accepting effeminate behavior from sports stars.

He alleges this is to appeal to the LGBTQ community in hopes of harnessing their “buying power.”

“Lastly,” adds Johnson, “October is LGBTQ History month, the NFL players wear pink that month. They want you to think Breast Cancer, but they show you they don’t care much about women, look at the treatment of domestic violence issues.”

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