George Soros donated $3M in ‘dark money’ to BLM activists, defunding police

George Soros

Right-wing groups have long been accused of shady dealings and secret, privileged financial arrangements that keep whites in power and “oppress” minorities.

Turns out it is the left who excel at this, with liberal billionaire George Soros supplying some $3 million last year alone to a “dark-money” fund that funnels cash into left-wing organizations like defunding the police and Black Lives Matter.

The Foundation to Promote Open Society, one of two major money-grant foundations funded by Soros’ network, Open Society Foundations, poured a total of $3 million into the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability (CRH) in 2020, based on scrutiny of the charity’s grant database.

Soros’ foundation finances CRH through New Venture Fund, the largest of four money stockpiles managed by Arabella Advisors that attracted a combined $1.6 billion in secret donations last year, according to tax records.

New Venture Fund has been referred to as a “dark money” organization, in that it lets left-wing steer massive sums into political causes, anonymously.

The New Venture Fund reported total revenues of $975 million in 2020, a 111 percent rise compared to 2019, bringing its lifetime revenues to $3.3 billion. The fund has paid out some $1.37 billion in grants, primarily to leftist organizations.

Soros has poured tens of millions of dollars into efforts to elect progressive district attorneys in cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago, all to advance his years-long crusade of transforming the criminal justice system to bring chaos and corruption to the United States.

The Hungarian-born financier/activist has a net worth of $8.6 billion and has donated more than $32 billion to Open Society, according to Forbes.

CRH has stated that it houses and staffs the organization Defund The Police, which describes itself as “a one-stop-shop information source for a campaign to defund police,” Fox News reported.


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