Google removed more than 300 Trump YouTube ads, but won’t say how they violated policy

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told 60 Minutes: 'There are ads of President Trump that were not approved to run on Google or YouTube' but she wouldn't say how they violated policy

In a paradoxical twist, YouTube is refusing to explain removals of more than 300 video ads for President Trump … that were revealed in a transparency report.

When Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki was asked by 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl if the video-sharing service had yanked any Trump ads, Wojcicki said about the clips on the user generated site, “Well, they’re available in our transparency report.”

Left very un-transparent was what policy the videos may have violated, whether it was copyright problems or inaccuracies.

The program pointed out that they were online for a few days before being removed – mainly during the summer – and YouTube was paid for them.

The report shows that 5,101 ads were posted under Donald J. Trump For President Inc. and $3,891,200 was spent.

Wojcicki said that removal of a Trump ad by Facebook for claiming Joe Biden offered Ukraine $1billion to stop an investigation into his son Hunter, did not violate their rules.

Asked whether that ad was available on YouTube she said: “It has been.”

Google has said that, beginning in January in the United States, advertisers will only be able to target political ads based on broad categories such as sex, age and postal code. Currently, ads can be tailored to more specific groups, such as political affiliation.

Google’s announcement follows the decision by Twitter to ban political ads. The Trump campaign protested that change as well but said Google’s will have more impact.

Asked about conservatives who think YouTube and parent Google discriminates against them, Wojcicki said they are also criticized by liberals and explained that their algorithm is incapable of political bias.


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