Hallmark Channel says it will go ‘seismic’ in adding LGBTQ characters to lead roles

The president and CEO of Hallmark parent Crown Media Family Networks said the company wants to show its support for the LGBTQ community.

Greeting-card and now entertainment empire Hallmark says it needs “to more broadly represent the human condition,” and that condition appears to be decidedly gay.

The president and CEO of the company’s parent, Crown Media Family Networks, said it wants to show its support for homosexuals and transgenders in no uncertain terms in the coming season.

During a virtual Q&A on Feb. 11, company head Wonya Lucas said the channel will feature yet more LGBTQ characters, Deadline is reporting.

“I’m proud of the progress this team is making to expand diversity in our programming and it is nothing short of seismic,” Lucas declared. “We will continue to strive to defy common stereotypes and give our characters more depth and dimension; in short, to more broadly represent the human condition. And what a difference a year makes. But believe me, we know there is so much more good work yet to be done.”

Another Hallmark executive, Michelle Vicary, was quick to bow down to homosexual advocates as well, saying a focus on showing “different kinds of diversity” is a “big priority” for the company.

“And I think looking forward in 2021, and as we look into the future for all of our services, you’re going to continue to see that work being done,” Vicary said. “And I think that in terms of our casting for our entire productions, whether they’re leads or whether they are secondary leads, we will continue to make sure that people are represented authentically and in the proper way.”

Hallmark was 0nce viewed generally as a wholesome and family-friendly company that made its name on male-female romance, and then got into producing entertainment that tends toward the sentimental. The channel drew negative media coverage in 2019 after removing an LGBTQ-themed wedding ad from its programming.



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