Hallmark movie to include lesbian wedding scene

Hallmark's "Wedding Every Weekend" will feature a same-sex wedding on August 15.Crown Media

Trapped in the dilemma of pleasing its longtime, more conservative audience or satisfying pro-LGBTQ forces that swarm the media and Internet, The Hallmark Channel is including a lesbian wedding in its upcoming movie Wedding Every Weekend.

The film tells the story of a couple (heterosexual) who attend four weddings and learn they are attracted to one another. One of the weddings is of two women.

According to NBC News it’s the first time the network has featured a same-sex couple being married, and many of the social-media responses seemed to celebrate the divisiveness of the issue.

“Absolutely LOVE that Hallmark is becoming more diverse and inclusive,” said one commentator. “Good riddance to those that choose to stop watching the channel because of it. … There are plenty of us still here to support Hallmark!”

One Million Moms, part of the conservative American Family Association, is among the vocal opponents of the movie. The group started a petition to get its supporters to boycott the channel, having already done so back in December over ads featuring homosexuals.

Hallmark has also vowed that this year’s Christmas-movie lineup will prominently feature homosexuals.

The petition also states that the group felt misled by the description of “Wedding Every Weekend,” which does not mention that the movie features a same-sex couple. The lesbian wedding appears for a couple of seconds in a trailer foir the film, posted to the Hallmark Channel’s YouTube page on Aug. 5.


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