High school starts handing out ‘pronoun badges’ to students

Redcliffe High School in Brisbane has introduced 'pronoun badges' to promote inclusion among its transgender and non-binary students

It isn’t enough for the gender-confused to deceive themselves; in fact they have every right to do it. Should they be encouraged to make everyone else take part in the deception, however?

An Australian high school is backing just that, reports Brisbanesnews.com, handing out “pronoun badges” to students who need other people to change the words they use so that these students can feel more comfortable.

Redcliffe High School in Brisbane introduced the badges – which read she/her, he/him or they/them – saying they promote inclusion of transgender and non-binary students. They also let these students enjoy the heady sensation of controlling others’ speech.

The pins have already been taken for a trial run by LGBTQ students.

“Pronoun badges are as simple as they sound: they’re badges with different pronouns on,” read a post by the school on Facebook. “However, their purpose is to display to everyone what those who are wearing them define themselves as. They’re also so that people know what to refer to the wearer as.”

It was easy to find social media quotes that praised the school, saying, “Redcliffe High is setting the standard for acceptance,” and “Fantastic idea. Helps all teachers, especially relief teachers, and kids to know upfront.”


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