High school students raise Confederate flag in reply to handout of gay pride flags

Students flew the Confederate flag inside their school cafeteria after other students distributed 60 rainbow flags as a symbol of solidarity with their LGBTQ peers

A Missouri high school has been divided in a battle of the flags, with students displaying a Confederate flag in the school’s cafeteria after dozens of gay pride flags were handed out on campus earlier this month.

On Dec. 9 some students at West Plains High School distributed rainbow flags to show solidarity with their LGBTQ peers.

Some of their fellow students responded the same day by raising a different banner – the Confederate battle flag, seen by leftists as a symbol of white supremacy and racism. Those who display it maintain it’s a symbol of Southern pride.

The same students posted an image on Snapchat of the Confederate banner waving, with the message: “If they can fly their queer flags, others can fly their rebel flags. Butt hurt?” 

Last week Rose Schilmoeller, the student who took it upon herself to distribute the rainbow flags, told KY3 she thought it was a “good way to show people that they are not alone.”

Two of the students who helped share the pride flags at their school on December 9, told BuzzFeed News that they have been receiving hateful online comments since the clash with their fellow students was first reported.

School officials have chosen to stay out of the fray and said they would not be disciplining any of the students involved in distributing or waving of either banner.


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