Hollywood to cut raunchy sex scenes due to COVID-19

Covering up: Sex scenes in Hollywood will reportedly be tackled using CGI and re-writes, with some being scrapped altogether, in wake of the COVID-19 crisis (pictured: Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in 2015's Fifty Shades Of Grey)

The film industry in Hollywood, that tireless factory of cliches and corrupted moral standards, is being surprisingly prissy about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doubly surprising, this comes at a time when the pandemic appears to be falling off the media radar in favor of demonizing police and instigating racial war.

According to The Sun, a 22-page document from the film editors’ trade association states that “close contact moments” will need to be gotten around using CGI and rewrites, with some being scrapped altogether. There will also need to be “coronavirus compliance officers” in attendance during shoots and auditions.

The movie and TV industry is looking to resume production on June 12.

According to industry reports, the crackdown will also see cast and crew being tested for coronavirus on a daily basis and given hand-washing tutorials. This is in addition to intimate sequences being totally restructured.

Personal protective equipment will be required on sets, and television shows that normally have live studio audiences will be recorded without them.

Casting directors and actors will be able to resume auditions, but reportedly from behind transparent barriers.

The latest development comes after California Governor Gavin Newsom gave the film industry the go-ahead to resume production as part of the state’s initial steps to reopen non-essential businesses after the three-month lockdown.


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