Homosexual history to be mandatory this year in Illinois classrooms

State Rep. Anna Moeller, an Elgin Democrat, is the sponsor of a measure that requires the teaching of positive national and state LGBTQ figures.

Illinois schools are giving homosexual practices a prominent role this coming school year, with districts expected to teach information on LGBTQ figures in history before students leave the eighth grade, Peoriapublicradio.com reports.

State representative Anna Moeller, not surprisingly a Democrat, said she believes the focus on deviant sexual preferences is positive for all students and will make the deviant ones more comfortable with their deviancy.

“We know that LGBT students are more often the victims of harassment and bullying because of their status. Part of the reason why that happens is because the general population students don’t get an accurate portrayal and understanding of lesbian, gays and transgender individuals. They only hear the negative stereotypes, unfortunately, all too often,’’ she said.

Similar information is also required in a one-year high school class encouraging student homosexuality.

Republican State Rep. Tom Morrison of Palatine voted against the law, but stopped short of saying he was doing so for moral reasons. He voted the way he did, he said, because schools already have too many requirements placed upon them without funds to achieve such goals.

Curricula are currently being created so that schools with have something to teach about LGBTQ history. One of the groups creating the lesson plans is the Legacy Project, of which Victor Salvo is the executive director.

“LGBTQ youth grow up and go through the entire education system without ever hearing anything positive about people like themselves. It’s as though people like themselves never existed. And that is a direct result of the genuine stories of many of the people that are actually already learning about having been redacted to remove that information from the story,” Salvo said.

Illinois is the fifth state to require school classes in homosexuality.


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