‘I will F—–‘ slit your throat’: Pro-abortion protester threatens pro-life girl

Photo courtesy of Selene Cerankosky

Considering the nature of abortion, is it really so shocking that its proponents should be willing to threaten adult lives, as well as those of children?

A student activist attending the 47th annual March for Life last week told the Daily Caller News Foundation that a pro-abortion protester threatened to “f—–‘ slit” her throat during a brief confrontation at the event.

Selene Cerankosky, a junior at Robert Morris University, said she was standing in a crowd outside the Supreme Court after the march when a protester approached her. The person was dressed in a dark sweatshirt and white pants with what appeared to be bloodstains down the insides of the thighs, Cerankosky said.

The 20-year-old Pennsylvania student is part of Students for Life, which enlists students across the U.S. to resist abortion. Cerankosky works for the organization and is also the president of Students for Life at Robert Morris University and the Pennsylvania captain for Students for Life Action.

“She kind of reminded me of an antifa protester,” Cerankosky explained, noting that the protester, who Cerankosky thinks was female, may have been from Reproaction or Abortion Access Front as both of these groups were protesting at that location on Friday. Neither group responded to the DCNF’s requests for comment.

“She got very close to me,” Cerankosky said. “We were probably within 3 inches of each other space as she was being rather aggressive trying to get me out of the way and I just kind of stood still. And then she told me to back up.”

“Her exact words were ‘back up or I will’ and then an expletive ‘slit your throat,’” the student said, adding that she was “kind of shocked at first.”

“So I said, ‘Did you just say that?’ and she repeated her ultimatum like really ‘I swear to God. Back up. Back up. Back up,’” Cerankosky said.

Cerankosky said she did not back up.

The student eventually turned her back on the protester and made her regional coordinator, Stephanie Stone, aware of the incident.

Stone reportedly found the nearest police officer, who then approached the protester. Cerankosky said she saw police officers lead the protester away in handcuffs. Capitol Police did not respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.


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