Idaho becomes first state to bar some transgender athletes

Gov. Brad Little of Idaho signed the bill into law on Monday.Credit...Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman, via Associated Press

Idaho has become the first U.S. state to bar men masquerading as females from girls’ and women’s sports. It has also made it legal to ask girls and women to complete gender testing before they can compete.

Notably, there has not been a problem with women pretending to be men invading men’s sports. Only in women’s athletics have actual, biological members of a gender been robbed of victories and records by faster, stronger male opponents pretending to be female.

The Idaho house bill, appropriately called the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, was signed by Gov. Brad Little on March 31. Gov. Little also signed a bill that bars transgender people from altering their birth certificates to match their gender wishes.

Several states have created bills to restrict the participation of transgender athletes, Idaho is the first state to have passed such legislation into law.

Despite a movement on the part of big media, some government entities and widely recognized corporations toward redefining the entire concept of gender, supporters of the Idaho laws said they did not accept people identifying as anything but what was written on their birth certificates.

“Boys are boys and girls are girls,” State Senator Lee Heider said after the bills made it through the Senate two weeks ago. “No doctor, no judge, no Department of Health and Welfare is going to change that reality.”

Representative Barbara Ehardt, the sponsor of the bill, said she began working on it 20 months ago in an effort to “protect opportunities for girls and women.”

“We physically cannot compete against biological boys, we just cannot, and once those opportunities are lost, they are gone, you cannot get those back,” Representative Ehardt, a former college basketball player and N.C.A.A. Division I women’s basketball coach, told the New York Times on April 1. “This could literally tear teams and communities apart.”

Some major companies with large facilities in Idaho, including Chobani and Hewlett-Packard, have tried to apply economic leverage to make Little veto the bill.


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