In leftist-run U.S. cities, it’s a great time to be a criminal

Violent crime has soared in Minneapolis since George Floyd's death. Pictured above: Crime statistics up to mid-September are seen in orange, compared to 2019 figures in blue

Leftist-run American cities are going to war … against the law-abiding.

Elected officials such as district attorneys and city councils are increasingly moving to legalize crime, and to ruthlessly abandon those who are its victims or are charged with keeping order and protecting the innocent.

Are they soft-hearted or soft-headed? Or is there something more sinister in their refusing to prevent crime, and hampering those who try to?


Everyone has heard of the crime-ridden, excrement-strewn disgrace that San Francisco has become. The man who made that all possible as DA of that city, George Gascón, is now the newly elected district attorney of Los Angeles, a city already staggering under authoritarian lockdowns and record numbers of homeless.

Gateway Pundit reports a list of “reforms” Gascón plans to introduce in L.A., and claims they are backed up by “science”:

  1. End cash bail by January
  2. A conviction integrity unit
  3. No death penalty
  4. Felony charging no longer subject to enhancements, i.e. gang affiliation
  5. Juveniles will not be tried as adults
  6. Use-of-force review board to reopen fatal officer-involved shooting cases going back to 2012

“I recognize that these are big changes, but they are changes that will enable us to actually affect the truly vulnerable,” Gascón said, showing clearly that it is criminals — not their victims — whom he sees as “the truly vulnerable.”

Last month Californians voted against ending both cash bail and the death penalty, but it’s becoming clearer that voting means next to nothing in the United States now, especially when the result flies in the face of leftist social engineers who mistake their own idiocy for enlightenment. Like them, L.A.’s new Marxist DA plans to govern against the will of the people.

The Los Angeles police union has blasted the move to end cash bail, calling it “disturbing.”


Up the West Coast, in the highly fashionable city of the 90s that turned into a filthy swamp of tent-dwelling fentanyl addicts underwritten with public aid and free needles, the Seattle City Council is talking about excusing any misdemeanor crime that can be linked to poverty, addiction, or mental illness.

That is, any misdemeanor crime at all.

The proposed legislation hasn’t yet been written, but its inception would make Seattle the first U.S. city to so boldly legalize crime.

Under the concept, known as the “poverty defense,” a suspect could be cleared of theft, assault, or trespassing if he claims to have committed the offense to meet a basic need to survive.

“In a situation where you took that sandwich because you were hungry and you were trying to meet your basic need of satisfying your hunger; we as the community will know that we should not punish that. That conduct is excused,” said Anita Khandelwal, King County director of the Department of Public Defense, according to KOMO.

Khandelwal also suggested the creation of a public fund for restitution: making public money compensate crime victims.


One indication that leftist affection for criminals is less about misplaced sympathy and more about wrecking society comes in Orange County, Calif., where a Superior Court judge on Dec. 11 declared that because of the coronavirus, the sheriff had to release half of all inmates in county jails.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “the move came in response to a lawsuit filed in April by the American Civil Liberties Union against Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes, seeking the release of medically vulnerable and disabled inmates as well as necessary measures to protect those remaining in the jails from the coronavirus.”

Judge Peter Wilson ruled that Barnes had violated the state constitutional rights of inmates in danger of contracting the virus, and had showed “deliberate indifference” to the susceptibility of older adults and those with co-morbidities.

“The uncontested facts found here include that conditions in the jail do not permit proper social distancing, there is no mandatory testing of staff or asymptomatic detainees after intake, and no strictly enforced policy of requiring masks for all staff interaction with inmates,” the judge concluded.

“If the order stands, it will result in the release of more than 1,800 inmates,” Sheriff Barnes replied. “Many of these inmates are in pre-trial status for, or have been convicted of, violent crimes and will be released back into the community. This order puts our community at substantial risk and does not take into account the impact on the victims of these crimes.”


Farther to the east, the City Council in Minneapolis on Dec. 10 approved actually defunding its police force to the tune of $8 million despite record-breaking crime since the May death of George Floyd in police custody and subsequent media-inflamed riots.

As reported by, Minneapolis police had recorded 532 shooting victims this year as of Dec. 10, more than double that of a year ago. Carjackings have also rocketed to 375 so far this year, a 331 percent rise over the same period last year. Violent crimes have exceeded 5,100, after just over 4,000 in the same period in 2019.

It’s all having a predictable effect on police morale; about 160 officers have resigned or are on leave compared to the beginning of the year.  

Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll told FOX News: “The City Council is decimating the police department. The number of working officers is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. Murders, shootings, and other violent crimes are approaching record levels. Our officers are severely overworked, understaffed, and cannot keep the public safe with these cuts.’


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