Judge throws out lawsuit to block transgender athletes from girls’ high school sports

Texas transgender athlete lawsuit tossed

A lawsuit that sought to prevent female-identifying men from competing in girls’ high school sports in Connecticut has been dismissed by a federal judge who said there was no dispute to resolve, NBC is reporting.

The suit was filed one year ago by some female athletes against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which oversees scholastic sports in the state. The Conference allows high school athletes to compete in sports according to what gender they wish to be. The plaintiffs contended that they were denied wins, state titles and athletic opportunities by being forced to compete against men impersonating women.

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Chatigny, an appointee of President Bill Clinton, tossed out the lawsuit for procedural reasons, saying in an April 25 ruling that because the two transgender athletes have already graduated, and the plaintiffs could not identify other female transgender athletes, that no dispute existed.

The Trump administration’s Justice Department and the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights had sided with the plaintiffs, but the Biden administration unsurprisingly stopped that support for real, actual women in February.

More than 20 states have introduced new laws to restrict transgender athletes from competing with the genuinely gendered. Laws barring transgender “women” and “girls” from this kind of participation in sports have been signed in Idaho, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Arguments in the suit revolved around Title IX, the federal law that requires equal opportunity for women and girls in education, including sports. Defense attorney Joshua Block argued the CIAC policy protects the rights of transgender “females” and doesn’t deny any girl a meaningful opportunity to participate in sports.

Apart from being repeatedly defeated by fake women who are actually men.


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