Kellogg releases new cereal to help kids celebrate their preferred gender pronouns

Kellogg’s Together With Pride cereal

For those who cannot stop thinking about their sexual preferences long enough to eat breakfast, giant U.S. food corporation the Kellogg’s has released a limited-edition breakfast cereal signaling its fawning support for LBGTQ-ism, reports FOX Business.

The company says it’s also bravely declaring the right of people to select their own pronouns, thus forcing others to twist and corrupt their own language.

“Boxes are for cereal, not for people,” proclaimed the maker of suger-loaded breakfast cereals. The company said in a statement that they want to celebrate people “no matter who you are, who you love, or what pronouns you use.”

In conjunction with Pride month in June and in collaboration with GLAAD, Kellogg’s Together With Pride cereal is available at select major retailers nationwide. The “new” recipe includes berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter to add just the right amount of self-righteous “woke” -ness to obesity and tooth decay.

The virtue-signaling does not end there: On each box, buyers will get a tear-out “Together Band” to display their pronouns, which includes words for non-binary and transgender people.

For every box sold, the company said it will donate $3 (up to $140,000) to GLAAD when purchasers upload their receipts.

The company and GLAAD have teamed up in the past, including making another gay cereal that launched in 2018.

GLAAD numerous partnerships with companies to promote Pride Month. The companies are listed on the group’s website.


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