Liberty University opens think tank to fight attacks on Judeo-Christian values

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk team up to open the Falkirk Center to fight attacks on Jesus and the Constitution.

A new think tank opening at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. promises to “explain the link between the gospel of Jesus Christ and American founding freedom” to young people across the country.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, told Fox News on Monday about their new project, which comes on the heels of an op-ed in The Atlantic magazine that argued Christianity in the United States is “in crisis.”

Kirk said he went to Falwell months ago about the Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty, which opened last week as a nonprofit at the private Christian university and aims to “go on offense” in the face of rising attacks on Judeo-Christian values.

“It’s just to provide basic education on American history,” Falwell said on Fox & Friends. “Because so many universities have become liberal indoctrination camps, the public schools have not taught U.S. history in so long, and young people don’t understand that the whole idea of the American experiment was based on the Judeo-Christian ethic … free enterprise, limited government, and the idea that all of our rights come from our Creator not from government, not from church.”

Falwell said the left is pushing ideas of socialism backed by the Bible, though “that’s not what Jesus taught.” Kirk concurred, “I visit universities all across the country and I can tell you young Christians, in particular, unfortunately, are very confused about how to make choices in the civic arena, especially voting and politically.”

He added, “We’re trying to explain the link between the gospel of Jesus Christ and American founding freedom.”

The pair of Trump-backing evangelicals plan to “build an army of advocates nationwide to join the cause and spread its message about faith and liberty in all public forums and across all media platforms.”

Kirk explained to a meeting of more than 60 Christian leaders and influencers Saturday that the mission of the center will be to “equip courageous champions to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ, to advance his Kingdom, and renew American ideals.”


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