Minnesota high school student fears for her safety after being victim of racism hoax

White Bear Lake High School sophomore Avery Severson

A Minnesota high school student who was trying to start a conservative youth club at her school was set up falsely as a racist on Instagram, but the smear attempt has been identified as a hoax.

White Bear Lake High School sophomore Avery Severson told The Daily Wire that she was accused by a black student of sending racist messages and insults via Instagram direct messages. In a conversation between Precious Boahen, who accused Severson of racism, and an account called “GoWhiteBear,” the anonymous accountholder uses racial slurs and makes stereotypical racist remarks.

Severson revealed that she has made little progress with her school administration as she attempted to set up a Turning Point USA club over the past year.

Boahen, in contrast, was able to create a black student group quickly and easily. Boahen said Severson was jealous of how quickly she was able to set up her club. Boahen in fact posted a screenshot of the conversation with the “racist” Instagram account, saying in the caption: “I bet you a billion bucks this is Avery Severson or one of her friends all mad because they can’t have their Turning Point club at school.”

Severson told The Daily Wire that she was in a driver’s education class on April 7, the day the conversations took place on social media. She denied any involvement and said she never would have made such comments.

Still, the incident of fake, social-media racism caused “woke” students and teachers to stage a walkout at the school before an eager and “woke” media presence on April 9. Their goal? To stand in solidarity against the fake racist.

White Bear Lake High School administrators encouraged Severson to remain silent about the situation, she said, which classmates took as an admission of guilt. Severson was threatened, and had to be escorted to and from classes until April 12.

The school immediately began investigating the situation with the help of the FBI and local police, and the Instagram messages were quickly found to be a “hoax.”

But who sent them?


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