‘Muppet Babies’ character comes out as gender non-conforming

Muppet Babies, Gonzo/ Facebook

If there was any doubt that gender-confused Disney “artists” are keenly interested in messing with their young audience’s sexuality, this should put it to rest: A Muppets character is now openly gender-confused as well.

Who would think a character of foam, glue, and fake fur would have trouble with such things.

In a brand-new episode of Disney Junior’s Emmy Award-nominated series Muppet Babies,
which aired on July 23, the character Gonzo wants to dress as a princess for the Royal Ball, just like Piggy and Summer Penguin. Meanwhile the boys, including Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Animal, make plans to serve the patriarchy and dress up as knights.

According to the “princess handbook,” a heavy-handed metaphor for biology-based cultural
norms, only girls can wear princess dresses, while boys must dress like knights. But Rizzo the Fairy RatFather grants Gonzo’s wish and he gets a magic dress that lets him go in drag with no one knowing.

By rejecting ridiculous cultural stereotypes of men (they are “knights”) for the equally ridiculous stereotypes that girls automatically dress like princesses, Gonzo supposedly makes the other characters see that you can be whoever you want to be – as long as it is either a knight or a princess. Interestingly, this inspires him to tell his friends the truth: He ain’t really a girl.

Muppet Babies executive producer Tom Warburton was clear about the intent to change
children’s thinking, telling D23.com: “ … story editor/co-producer Robyn Brown and her team wanted to take it a step further and do a Cinderella story based on the idea. And it was just SO wonderfully Gonzo. We hope he inspires kids watching to be 347% of themselves in their own way, too.”


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