NYC banner shows de Blasio holding Lady Liberty’s severed head

Artist Scott LoBaido unveils a banner depicting Mayor Bill de Blasio wearing a Che Guevara shirt and holding the Statue of LIberty's head is seen hanging above the Staten Island expressway near Targee St.Wayne Fleming/Emerald Films

Even artists are turning against the extremism of the left as the November presidential election draws nearer and opposition to President Donald Trump pushes Democratic officeholders to new levels of foolishness.

A banner hung over the Staten Island Expressway on July 21 shows New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wearing a Che Guevara shirt while holding up the severed, bloody head of Lady Liberty.

Police asked artist LoBaido to take down the print about an hour and a half after it went up, but the controversial artist said he plans to hang it other places in the city in the future. His goal? To “fire up the masses” about De Blasio’s leadership. LoBaido said cars honked their horns “like crazy” as the work was unveiled.

“It’s what he’s doing to New York, he’s severing the head of the greatest city on earth,” said LoBaido, of Staten Island. The artist said he had to target de Blasio over his sympathetic response to Black Lives Matter protests in the Big Apple.

“New York has turned into a sh–hole because of this guy,” LoBaido said of the mayor. “He hates the true New Yorkers: police officers, firefighters… people who built this city.”

The pro-Trump artist also painted a blue line in support of the NYPD in front of the 122nd Precinct in New Dorp on July 20, and it was vandalized with “Black Lives Matter” graffiti shortly after being finished.

“That thin blue line separates anarchy from civilization,” he told The New York Post.

LoBaido then turned to the new banner, and hung it over the expressway’s westbound ramp during afternoon rush hour, to be seen by thousands.


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