Ohio professor denied permission to teach course on Marxism in Russia and China

Evan Osborne, an economics professor at Wright State University, says he is not being allowed to teach a course critical of Marxism to the wider general student population

How refreshing: a U.S. college course that surveys Marxism based on two of the most evil governments in history: Soviet Russia and modern-day China. Only the professor is being censored by his own college, he says.

Evan Osborne, a professor at Wright State University in Ohio, teaches the course Marxism: A History of Theory and Practice, at the Dayton campus. He claims the school’s administration won’t let him teach the class — which is critical of Marxism — to the general student population.

The course’s own syllabus describes it as “both an introduction to Marxist economic thought and the history of political power exercised in the name of that thought.” Course readings include material on how communism was applied in Russia and China, as well as critiques of Westerners who viewed and continue to view communism as something worthy of being adopted by the rest of the world.

Currently, however, the course is available only to honors students. Osborne said he has taught the class once before, in 2014, but that it was also available only to honors students at that time. The professor said he has been denied a request to make the course available to the wider student population even though he says there are multiple classes taught by professors who glorify Marxism.

According to The College Fix, Osborne asked to teach his course about Marxism for the spring, summer, and fall 2020 semesters, but was rebuffed by Zdravka Todorova, who chairs the economics department. Todorova told Osborne that the department was already offering a course about radical economics that semester and there wasn’t room for any other class, The Fix reported.


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