Once again, charges against violent Black Lives Matters protesters are dropped

Courtesy Photo Police in riot gear try to disperse crowd in Worcester Police in riot gear and large group of people clashed in the Main South section of Worcester Monday night into Tuesday morning.

At the Jan. 6 demonstration at the U.S. Capitol against a flagrantly corrupt election and government, no rocks or bottles were thrown. No fires were set. The only shots fired were those that killed an unarmed female supporter of President Donald Trump.

Yet despite rocks, bottles and fires being set at a Black Lives Matter protest last summer in Worcester, Mass., along with police officers being directly targeted, the district attorney’s office there has said there is “insufficient evidence” to move forward in court … and has dropped all charges, Mass Live is reporting.

Protesters vented their fury in Worcester in June 2020 after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. After marches downtown, protesters and police battled in the city’s Main South neighborhood.

Nineteen people were arrested in the melee, including four Clark University students.

At the time the rioters were blasted by Senior First Assistant District Attorney Jeff Travers in language similar to that used about the pro-Trump crowd on Jan. 6 in Washington.

“After a careful review of the cases ended today, the District Attorney’s Office has concluded that insufficient evidence exists to proceed further with the prosecution of the charged crimes. In a society governed by law, the chaos and disorder of the night in question must now yield to the deliberate and thoughtful application of governing legal standards established for trials,” Travers said, reversing course completely.

Police confirmed that the Massachusetts crowd was damaging property and lighting fires. Officers used smoke grenades and pepper ball rounds in reply.

“When confronted with large protests that contain individuals who employ indiscriminate violence, police officers have the extraordinarily difficult task of restoring order, distinguishing perpetrators from protesters, and charging those responsible with crimes,” Travers said. “The events of June 1, 2020 were such an occasion when police were presented with violent and dangerous conditions and placed themselves in harm’s way.”

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