Oregon police remove ‘divisive’ thin blue line from police cars

The Bend Police Department Oregon announced last week that it would remove the thin blue line graphic from patrol vehicles (pictured)

An Oregon police department is caving in to the media-fed mob, announcing it will remove “thin blue line” decals from its police cruisers that are intended to represent community support for law enforcement.

The symbol has become “divisive,” according to the City of Bend Police Department, which said it will remove the graphics from 29 patrol cars after nationwide election-year protests that have devolved into an all-out publicity assault on the police.

The capitulation was even referred to lightheartedly as a “makeover” on social media.

“Our patrol vehicles are currently getting a makeover, by removing the blue line graphic on them. The ‘thin blue line’ has meant many things over the decades,” the department posted on Facebook. “The divisive use of the thin blue line symbol to fit a narrative unassociated with our department or what we stand for, has unintentionally created an ongoing divide between some members of our community and the police officers who serve them. In the spirit of mending divide, being inclusive with the community we serve, and to continue to build trust within our entire community, our current and future vehicle graphics package will no longer contain a blue line.

“Moving forward, we will be looking for a design that incorporates a way to honor members of our first responder family who have given their life in service of their communities.”

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz told KTVZ that the blue line on Bend police vehicles could be viewed “as a barrier between the police and the community, so it’s my role to evaluate that and look at how we can best serve the entire community.”

Krantz added that caving in and removing the decals is not an insult to community members who still want to support law enforcement.


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