Oregon school board shows its top priority: Racism and Black Lives Matter

Ashland school officials referenced the recent killing of former student Aidan Ellison as a reminder of the importance of working for equity and justice.

As Oregon schools see record numbers of students fail or not even attend classes at all during the COVID pandemic, an Oregon school district is devoting its energies to supporting Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Democratic race-baiting agitator group founded by “trained Marxists” Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garcia.

The Ashland, Ore. school district said on Dec. 7 that its board passed a resolution in support of BLM, referencing the recent killing of shooting of student Aidan Ellison by a white man during a 4 a.m. argument, KDRV.com reported.

“[The] BLM resolution acknowledges the systemic barriers that exist for Black students in our schools, our community and our country,” the district’s statement proclaimed. “The resolution is an important step in addressing issues of equity and inclusivity now and as we work to educate future citizens and leaders for a bright and just future for all.”

Oregon’s State Board of Education passed a similar measure in October.

Ashland School District had enacted a new “Equity Policy” in June to address “the role that racial disparities play in achieving equity and inclusive education opportunities for all students.” It has also formed an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Steering Committee.

The Ashland School Board will meet on Dec. 16 to enact yet another policy, “All Students Belong,” spurred by the state board’s decision in September to ban images of Confederate flags, swastikas, and nooses.

A study by Wallethub.com recently ranked Oregon schools 40th in the nation.

Is BLM Hiding A Marxist Agenda?

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